DeadWorld and Cannibal Corpse

A new line of Deadworld Soda will be out soon Check out the Caprice Brands website for more info.  I did a new Graken piece, and they used some of my old art.  Deadworld artists form the past 25+ are represented on the labels.
I also have two new prints up in the store, Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life, the very first cover I did for the band, and A Skeletal Domain, my latest.

2000 AD

Check out my new story in 2000 AD Prog 1880 – 1882. From the 2000 AD website:

Three episodes, one complete, self-contained story – a condensed hit of super-charged Thrill- power beamed to you directly from the Nerve Centre! Siberia, 1957. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin may be dead but his legacy of Gulag work-camps scattered across the tundra continues under his successor Nikita Khruschev. Here, the convicts struggle to survive in desperate conditions… Kek-W(w) & Vince Locke(a)
Colony created byKek-W & Vince Locke


A new Sketchbook and Prints

I’ve added two prints and a sketchbook to the shop.  The prints are a new smaller format, but the same amazing quality.  Each print is signed, but not numbered.  The larger prints are signed, limited in number and printed actual size of the original.


The sketchbook is 100 Zombies, a collection of  zombie portrait sketches.  The art ranges from quick expressive portraits to more detailed and gorey drawings.  Every order from my website gets an original sketch on the first page.


Sometimes You Can’t Save The Drawing

The abandoned version for “Galapagos”

Here’s a peek at my inking going wrong. It looked sloppy. I kept tinkering with it and it just got muddier. I abandoned it, no need to add the stars.






Since I liked the layout of the illustration, I scanned it into the computer and then printed it out on a new sheet of Bristol board, but in non-photo blue.  I think worked out some of the details and new shading in pencil, and then went to the inks.  Below is the final piece.

Cannibal Corpse 25 Year Retrospective

Pre-order the new release from Cannibal Corpse “Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal” . The box contains: all 12 full length studio albums in a 12 CD foldout case with new artwork, “Torturing and Eviscerating LIVE” on CD and LP Picture Disc recorded in Tampa, FL 2010 / Milwaukee, WI 2012, PLUS: NEW EXCLUSIVE images by VINCE LOCKE, 12″ X 12″ graphic prints of all 13 original album covers, and a 2013 Cannibal Corpse Calendar.

I created two new paintings for the box set. A large painting for a four panel fold-out CD folder, and a painting for a picture disc of live music.

You can check out the new art in my Porfolio.


Buy books, prints or original art. My online shop is totally reworked with improved functionality. You can sort by categories, key words or just browse through everything. More original art to be posted soon, and maybe a new sketchbook.