New Print

A new print is up.  It’s a companion piece to the cover art from Red Before Black, the latest Cannibal Corpse album.

There’s two editons

The large format limited edition

And an open edition mini print

NOTE: I am having some issues with shipping charges.  If the cart doesn’t add in your shipping charges, I’ll email you an invoice for that, and I’ll throw in a little sketch for your trouble.  Thanks for your understanding while I iron out the kinks! -Vince

Cannibal Corpse and The Easter Bunny!

I just put up two new prints, the cover art to Cannibal Corpse’s Red Before Black, and a portrait on The Easter Bunny.  Why not get one of each!?  Click here to see the prints.  

The Easter Bunny print was previously only available to my supporters through Patreon.  There are different levels of support with different rewards

  • process pictures and videos
  • monthly prints
  • one person wins an original painting every month
  • weekly posts of hard to find illustrations

Click here to learn more.

New Patreon Account, win original art!

I just set up a new Patreon account.  Patreon is a way to support your favorite artists, writers and musicians.  Your pledges will help me to keep creating without the pressure of constantly hustling for the next job.  In return you’ll have access to Patreon only content, discounts on all art and merchandise on my website, new prints every month or a chance to win original art.  Please check it out here:  Vince Locke on Patreon

Let me know what you think.

Junction True

Junction True is out now. It’s a fully painted graphic novel. I spent about seven years working on it sporadically. There 500+ paintings sitting in my art files now, all scanned and then arranged into the final page layouts. I’m proud of the work. It’s received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, Check you local comic shop for a copy, or you can find it on Amazon.

From the publishers website:

“It’s the freaks who always change the world.”

Naoko is a journalist… but these days, isn’t everyone? Her friend Dirk has always been experimental, but this time, he may have gone too far. He’ll do anything to prove his devotion to the woman of his dreams, even if it means submitting to the ultimate life-hack — to begin a new existence with the radical and highly illegal surgery they call JUNCTION TRUE.

In a twisted near-future where biology is open-source and body modification has evolved to shocking extremes, acclaimed creators Ray Fawkes (One SoulConstantine) and Vince Locke (A History of ViolenceDeadworld) present a mind-bending and hypnotic story of love, sex, and servitude.

— a 128-page full-color deluxe paperback graphic novel with vellum jacket.