Junction True

Junction True is out now. It’s a fully painted graphic novel. I spent about seven years working on it sporadically. There 500+ paintings sitting in my art files now, all scanned and then arranged into the final page layouts. I’m proud of the work. It’s received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, Check you local comic shop for a copy, or you can find it on Amazon.

From the publishers website:

“It’s the freaks who always change the world.”

Naoko is a journalist… but these days, isn’t everyone? Her friend Dirk has always been experimental, but this time, he may have gone too far. He’ll do anything to prove his devotion to the woman of his dreams, even if it means submitting to the ultimate life-hack — to begin a new existence with the radical and highly illegal surgery they call JUNCTION TRUE.

In a twisted near-future where biology is open-source and body modification has evolved to shocking extremes, acclaimed creators Ray Fawkes (One SoulConstantine) and Vince Locke (A History of ViolenceDeadworld) present a mind-bending and hypnotic story of love, sex, and servitude.

— a 128-page full-color deluxe paperback graphic novel with vellum jacket.

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